Miniature Park in Kowary


In Kowary, on the premises of a carpet factory, a Park of Miniatures of Lower Silesia Monuments was created. Visitors to this Park have the opportunity to get acquainted with historic buildings such as palaces and monasteries

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Dam on Łomnica


The dam in Karpacz was built on the Łomnica River, below Konstytucji 3-ego Maja Street. The mountainous nature of the river, whose drop in the upper reaches exceeds 70 per mille, has caused many problems for the inhabitants of the village for years.

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Toboggan run


The summer toboggan run will provide amazing experiences. This is one of the longest tracks in Poland with a 360º curve. It meets all safety requirements and is marked

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SiT and Toys Museum


There are two noteworthy museums in Karpacz: the Museum of Sport and Tourism and the Museum of Toys. The first of them was established in 1974

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Wang Church


The second most famous point on the map of the area is the wooden church of Wang. It is a Norwegian temple, built by the Normans in Vang at the end of the 12th century.

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The biggest attraction of the region, and actually the symbol of Karpacz, is of course

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